About Dan

I work with clients to evaluate and improve user experiences in a variety of industries including health care, government, media, technology, and telecommunications, as well as corporate intranets.

Through UX research and strategy consultations, I help businesses identify and prioritize opportunities to transform their customer experiences into more engaging and compelling interactions.

Dan Benner
Product + UX Designer
Saint Paul, Minnesota


Each project or partnership involves a discovery phase to immerse myself in the business at hand. I interview stakeholders, conduct user research, understand customer journeys, analyze the competition and consolidate content. The result is a measured and organized action plan for executing a holistic brand and user experience.


My fifteen years of experience as an agency art director creating traditional, digital and guerilla campaigns has trained me to find fresh ways to express a brand's tone, look and feel regardless the type of media.

User Experience

I'm focused on improving conversions and increasing customer engagement. My UX/UI design capabilities span mobile apps, web applications, and multi-platform experiences. I understand the importance of design systems, established web patterns as well as the need to break those rules with custom solutions. I shape products that provide outstanding usability and iteratively lead to better and better outcomes.


My research practice includes broader methodolgies such as surveys, natural behavior studies, tree testing and card sorting. I find communicating with site maps, scenarios and user journey mapping paints a vivid picture for everyone involved.

When a more precise understanding is needed, I use baseline or competitive evaluations, moderated and unmoderated usability testing, prototyping and analytics analysis. Lately, I've been learning more about the nuances of data, and how to distill it into easy to understand visualizations.


Websites should be a strategic blend of user experience and brand storytelling. Given the breadth of digital tools and sites people use on a daily basis, customers expect to feel at home regardless of their device. It's likely the task or content they're looking for is a digital "errand" and they'd rather be doing something else. I want to architect something as close to an "easy button" as I can.


Business software deserves the same user-friendliness and aesthetics as best-in-class consumer apps. I transform legacy enterprise systems into consumer-grade experiences and design those B2B products that people love using, or at least don't hate to use.


Ethan Hawke on one of my favorite directors, Peter Weir. I think Ethan would like being a product designer.

Years ago, I was a storyteller in search of a systematic thinker. I couldn't find one, so I became one.

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