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Roam Offline Training App

ROAM allows international managers who travel to remote areas and follow a training curriculum to download, play and manage their Chameleon courseware for full use when they are offline or using a poor internet connection.

This application was initially created for a Coca-Cola executive team that travels one month a year visiting bottling and distribution plants in rural India and China– areas that are well-known for having limited internet connections.


Increase availability to coursework and schedules when offline



Research Methodologies

  • Personas
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Competitive Analysis

Comparable Products

Microsoft OneDrive, Netflix, Plex


Personas, Wireflows, Data Hierarchy Map, Wireframes, UI Kit, High-Fidelity Designs


Ionic Framework (Supports Apple, Android, Windows Phones)


Chief Engineer, UX/UI (myself), Instructional Designer


Understanding the MVP scope was difficult. The chief engineer and I had many meetings with our internal stakeholders to map out what features were needed or promised. Another challenge was understanding what items were native to the Ionic platform, what was native to each OS, and what elements would need to be custom. In the end, we used more iOS design styles and custom elements, but relied on the Ionic platform for more structural (like navigational or alerting) elements.
We were also challenged with syncing scoring and courses when connected to a network. We iterated both technology and UI to move data as much as we could "behind the scenes". Visually, we accomplished this by showing status elements for the app overall, individual courseware, and subtle notifications and "hard stop" alerts.

Next Steps

  • Usability Testing


The app did launch on time, however results were hard to come by–as this was early in my UX career and the agency wasn't invested in user-centric feedback.

I was also very happy with the agile workflow of this project. I'd collaborated with Engineering on the framework and UI, and as we uncovered more detailed areas like authentication, onboarding and user settings, we moved quickly as a team to scope, spec and build.

Supporting Artifacts

Working Deck and Wireframes (Axshare)
Development Annotation.pdf

Exchange platform tracks scoring, completions
Editor for course authoring
Robust theme editor accomodates modern brand guidelines
Adaptive courseware for curricula and classes
Food + Beverage

Coca-Cola uses Chameleon to train corporate-level employees who annually travel worldwide visiting bottling facilities. A&W Canada, KFC, and McDonalds use it for new and ongoing manager training.


Ford/Lincoln, Harley-Davidson, Lexus, Scion and Toyota use Chameleon for cross-department training as well as motivating and educating sales teams on new cars and features.


Clients like Capella University utilize Chameleon as a SaaS. Teams of writers and designers use it to build courseware for their PhD, doctorate, masters and bachelor degree students.

Retail + Technology

Clients like Xfinity and Coach use Chameleon to help employees maintain a consistent brand voice, as well as keep current on what the competition is doing.

Health + Beauty

Beauty clients like Aveda and Lancome Paris use Chameleon to provide stylists with highly immersive training to maintain a high level of service.

Medical + Pharma

Sales teams train with Chameleon course, and those teams in turn use the courseware to train surgeons and physicians on how to use the latest medical devices and pharmaceuticals.

Chameleon Cloud

Chameleon Employee Engagement Platform

Chameleon is a cloud-based platform for internal communications and training. Chameleon clients use it in a SaaS (Software as a Service) model, as well as directly utilizing a Chameleon team of designers and support.

Clients can update text, media, styles pages with a cloud-based course editor. It's hosted on Amazon's S3 server, so global access is seamless and can reach anywhere the internet can go.


Productivity, Communication (Internal)

Research Methodologies

  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Competitive Analysis
  • User Session Observation and Analysis

Comparable Products

Blackboard, d'Vinci Interactive, Pearson Professional, Sponge


  • Expression Engine (Exchange Platform)
  • (Editor)
  • Custom (Chameleon/Courseware)


For the Platform, the Editor and Courseware itself I'd typically produce wireflows, wireframes and high-fidelity designs. Many times the lead engineer, the instructional designer and I would work out the basic structure and function in a collaborative session, and then I'd iterate as much as needed to polish the interaction or feature.


UX/UI Designer (myself), Lead Engineer, Front-end Developer with a Motion/Animation focus, Back-end Developers, Instructional Designer, Quality Assurance, Courseware Technicians, Production Artists, Design Intern


None. We flew. However, I was limited in my understanding of the importance of user testing. I started recording user sessions and immediately found many glaring issues. I'd shared the sessions with the team saying "I learned more in five minutes watching this session than I'd learned in a year working on this product." They agreed.

Initially a challenge, I learned the importance of valuing and understanding different developers' skillsets and personalities. I might not have gotten exactly what I designed each time, but every developer I worked with uniquely added to this product features and interactions I couldn't have foreseen.

Next Steps

  • User Testing and Analysis
  • Create a page editor for fully custom templates
  • Role-based Navigation/Curriculum Assignment


  • 400k worldwide users
  • Used in 166 countries
  • 24 supported languages (including left-to-right reading languages like Arabic and Farsi)
  • 50+ supported devices
  • 500+ courses
  • 12m course views (25% are non-english speaking)

Clients such as: A&W Canada, Abbott, Astellas, Aveda, Benjamin Moore, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Capella University, Coach, Coca-Cola, Equifax, Ford, Comcast, Fidelity, GSK, Gap, H&M, Harley-Davidson, Honeywell, Lancome Paris, Lexus, McDonalds, Medtronic, Metlife, Toyota

Live Links

Lancome Paris

Supporting Artifacts

Editor: High-Fidelity Designs.pdf
Role-Based Navigation Deck.pdf
Coca-Cola Learning Exchange Pitch Deck.pdf
Printable Course Example.pdf
Theme Editor Wireframes (Axshare)