The "exchange" platform is entry to the user's journey
Courseware is based on different Manhattan neighborhoods
Ongoing content and dashboard for journey progress


The Coach Journey

This 1.5 million-dollar project was designed to unify Coach’s internal communications across their 1,009 global stores.

To project and maintain Coach’s luxury brand status, we needed to make sure that guests had a consistent experience in all their stores worldwide. The Coach Journey is a branding training platform for internal communications and training. It houses Chameleon, which guides employees’ professional journey.


Create a platform onboarding training, career advancement and ongoing content


Coach had over 9,000 employees use The Coach Journey within the first two months. Those employees completed 300k courses collectively. The US stores launched the app first, followed by Asia, and then Europe and the rest of the world. The application allowed 20 languages, including right-to-left reading languages like Arabic and Farsi.

Live Links

Murray Hill Course
SoHo Course


Awareness, Productivity, Engagement, Sales


This was a complex and difficult project. Over the course of the project, I inadvertently transitioned from art director to a product designer. I saw gap that existed from the desired design and interactions and what could be realistically customized in our courseware framework. I raised yellow and red flags consistently due to the project's effect on our framework. What we were changing structurally for Coach, would have to work for all of our existing and future clients. It was a daily balancing act.

The client, who is very image-conscious and precise, was expecting a completely custom solution. However to support languages, code logic, responsive aspects, the course building UI and basically our entire learning exchange framework, the lead engineer and I had to devise an architecture to accommodate a high degree of modifications.


  • Customizable design editor for sizing, scaling, colors, logos, image handling, etc
  • Custom interactions, dashboard and page types (high and low fidelity)
  • Collaboration with client for tech understanding of platform, specs and courseware style guides
  • Oversaw courseware technicians and production artists


Software Architect, Client-side Creative Director/Brand Strategist, UX/UI/Art Director (myself), Front End Developer, Instructional Designer, Courseware Technicians, Production Artists

Supporting Artifacts

Link to Concept Deck (Axshare)
Coach Journey Site Map.jpg
Chameleon Course Style Guide.pdf
Launch Video.mp4
Employee Content Hierarchy.jpg