Strategic. Conceptual. Systematic.

Dan Benner
Product + User Experience Design

Geek Squad intelligence
meets machine intelligence

Best Buy Self-Diagnosis

Fulfilling the promise of
interoperability in health care

EHR Intake Reimagined

Hi there.

I’m Dan. I create world-class digital products and applications.

I am also an NN/g certified user experience designer and interaction specialist.

Conversions that aren't numbers
on a chart, but real lives saved.

Testing "Best"
in "Best Buy"

Translating "luxury"
into 20 languages


Don't let the world's worst Wi-Fi
slow down your top performers

Ongoing Training

Activities, topics or courses include: Nielsen Norman Group conferences, PDMA and UXPA events, user experience, development and technology as how it relates to interaction design.

I expose myself to multidisciplinary concepts like data handling, artificial intelligence and machine learning. I curate some of the best courses in the world.

The C-Suite and the production line
are now humming the same tune



Dan Benner
Saint Paul MN